Miami, FL


You will never get tired of Miami. The City of the Sun, with its tropical charm, climate and Latin flavor that you get in every corner, can not be equaled. For those who reside in cold places, this is a favorite destination.

Shopping, international cuisine, discos with all the rhythms, concerts for all tastes, Hollywood celebrities with their big mansions, video recordings, series and movies, keep it alive and full of tourists all year round.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is an island city in South Florida connected by bridges to mainland Miami.

Boat and Yacht Tours

We will sail through the Biscayne Bay where we will be able to come across some dolphins, manatees and turtles.


With Miami Beach full of nightlife hotspots and trendy late-night options, it’s hard to choose where to go. Check out the best here.

Art & Culture

From landmark museums and institutions boasting everything from graceful ballet to renowned musicians, Miami Beach is centered around art and culture.